Belgian Sweet House
Saturday March 3rd 2018.
New Location:
Julington Square
445 State Road 13
In the Bank of American Shopping Center

New Pictures of loacation coming soon!


About Belgium Barista

Owner Chantal Bierchen moved to Florida with her husband Dirk Decoster from Belgium back in 2012, where she started her business called the Belgium Barista Chocolate Store. Inside you’ll find some of the most exquisite Belgium styled chocolates, crepes, sandwiches, and waffles. To make their food, drinks, and chocolates authentic all of the ingredients are imported directly from Belgium.

Every few months Chantal travels back to Belgium to collect the Belgian ingredients they use in their store. While she is in Belgium, she loves taking customers on tours to view the history of Belgium. Interested in joining Chantal on these chocolatey, authentic trips to Belgium? Click on "Trips" for more information and pictures!

The original location of Belgium Barista Chocolate Shop was in San Marco before moving to their current location on San Jose in Jacksonville. Customers are more than welcome to dine in and enjoy a no-rush stay, or take carry-out and enjoy authentic Belgium food in their own home. Working with chocolate is nothing new for Chantal and Dirk. The chocolate business has been in the family for over a decade, when it originally started in 1909. That’s over five generations in the family business. Thanks to Belgium Barista, we can experience a bit of Belgium here in Jacksonville.

There are many different chocolates to choose from. If you are in the mood for something more sweet, or if you are looking for something more rich, just ask! There are so many different delicious types of chocolate to try. Feel free to call the store and ask about their catering order or click on our "Catering" to view more information. They cater towards weddings, baby showers, holiday parties and more. They can even specialize the chocolates just for you!

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Phone #: (904)703-4021/(904)503-8975
Address: 11362 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, Fl. 32250

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Store Hours

  • Mon - Closed
  • Tue 9:00am - 9:00pm*
  • Wed 9:00am - 9:00pm*
  • Thu 9:00am - 9:00pm*
  • Fri 9:00am - 10:00pm*
  • Sat 9:00am - 10:00pm*
  • Sun 9:00am - 5:00pm*
  • *Please show up an hour before closing in order to be served properly.

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Once a year Chantel returns to Belgium for ordering and family visits.